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Hey! I’m Bobby.

I help Coaches & Business Owners get new clients every month, allowing them to work with their ideal client.

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Allowed me to double my income.

Within 2 months I was able to double my prices, I run a digital marketing agency and would normally make around $5k a month. I now make more than $10k a month and we are seeing further growth within our business as the days go by. We are on course to make $20k a month within the next few months

John M.

The BEST investment I’ve made!

I didn’t think Bobby would be able to help me. After going through many courses and coaches I felt hopeless but decided to give elite wealth mastery a shot. And I mean I really needed to see some good change with my business, it had been months since I last saw a sale and within 21 days I managed to get my first sale after what felt like forever. Tears of joy I tell you, this man saved my business. I was given all the tools that I needed and my sales conversion has improved dramatically. Thank you Bobby & elite wealth mastery


Just what I needed to scale my business.

As a health coach and being in such a competitive field it was always a struggle for me to get clients. I would mainly focus on referrals and organic methods for working with my clients, however I felt like it was time for a change in order to take my business to the next level. In doing so I decided to seek consult by getting in contact with Bobby and I didn’t expect things to move so quickly. My business model completely changed, no more working with clients on a 1 on 1 basis, by moving to group coaching I am now able to better leverage my time and efforts which has allowed my business to scale. I thought about producing a course however I still wanted to have an element of coaching where I still felt like I was connecting with my audience, where group coaching worked perfectly for me. Who would have thought paid ads and changing my business model could make such a difference

Bill Stevens

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